BANE Haunted Attraction

  • 630 West Mount Pleasant Ave/Route 10 West
  • Livingston, NJ
  • 973-369-7677
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Bane is rated as a PG-13 attraction therefore our event is recommended for children 13 and up. Anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
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Looking for the scare of your life? Do you want to have an adrenaline rush unlike any other? Then come and test your boundaries of fear at BANE, NJ's scariest and most interactive haunted attraction. BANE has now moved to a bigger and better location for the 2014 season. We are now proud to announce that BANE will be located in the old Katherine Gibbs College on Route 10 West in Livingston NJ! BANE has expanded from 17,000 square feet to a brand spanking new 40,000 square foot space and we're bringing the heat! Get ready for a brand new, crazier, scarier, and even more interactive haunted attraction that is guaranteed to knock your socks off!!!

But beware as you enter for little Jennifer Bane is awaiting your arrival... and...... she's HUNGRY!!!! Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: 7pm-11pm Sundays 7pm-12am Fridays and Saturdays

Available Discounts: $2.00 off with coupon printed through webstie

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Event last updated 13 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
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  • Pretty Unique

    I've been to a few haunted houses in the tri state area but Bane was definitely unique. They had a bunch of things that I've never seen before. A pretty cool touch is that they were playing movies in the cue line which kept everyone busy. Very cool haunted house, I had a blast. I will be returning in Halloween.

    Posted 10/30/13

    BANE was amazing!! I'm really into Halloween and the entire haunted season so needless to say i've seen tons of haunted houses both near and far. BANE was by far one of the best haunted houses I have ever encountered! The actors keep you on your feet and you never know what is lurking around the corner. I would recommend BANE to any and everyone....but fair warning, you will be petrified and your heart will skip a million beats! Not only was it worth every penny, but it's located in such a prime spot; it's a super easy ride from basically anywhere! I left BANE feeling horrified, so happy it's right here in NJ!!!

    Posted 10/27/13
  • If U a true Halloween lover like myself? This place is NOT for YOU!!!

    To start the line is sloooowwwww I went because of the reviews I saw here and yes if you get easily scared and never go to other places out of jersey then I will say compare to the cheese haunted houses here in jersey this one is a bit bigger but NOT scary or spooky at all you have rude workers inside telling you to keep moving when you trying to see the scenes they have hello I pay my money you not impressing me let me at least trying to see your display they put you in a box and spin you around and you come out and what nothing just keep going like really? hardly no actors maybe they took off the day I went a garbage bag like tunnel that you have to squeeze thru to get to the other side all I can think while I was walking thru it was liked these people even clean this thing with all the people that squeeze thru it you have to climb into a bed were people kept on getting hurt on it half way thru it I was post all I can think was like ohh Hell Noo I stand inline for 2 hours not because of the long line but because of the slowness of it for this crap I was not happy again if you get easily scared this is the place for you but if you a true Halloween lover and love the horror and getting spooked don't waste your money definitely not worth $20. dollars at ALL!

    Posted 10/27/13

    Hands Down; BANE is amazing. If you have a passion for Horror & Halloween the way I do then this is something you need to take a trip too. The actors have non stop energy throughout the entire experiance which makes your heart pound as you walk threw the haunt. I don't want to give anything way but it was overall my favorite haunted attraction by far for the 2013 season and I'm sure with the creative minds behind BANE ; 2014 is going to be powerful and epic. Check out BANE!!!!!

    Posted 10/27/13

    I went on a friday night with my boyfriend and a bunch of friends. I didn't know what to expect going here, but it was WELL worth the money! It was very well thought out and not cheesy at all. They have a lot of unique ideas and things you really wouldn't expect! My heart was beating the entire time! I had so much fun and would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an adrenalin rush!

    Posted 10/22/13
  • Best haunted house in the tri-state area!

    The absolute best haunted house and halloween attraction in the tristate area! So professional and worth every second! If you love thrills and chills then this is for you! Couldn't keep my eyes open for most of it because it was so scary... Be sure to go an experience BANE for yourself!

    Posted 10/20/13
  • Worth it!

    Don't let the strip mall setting fool you. A great attraction. Well worth the ticket price.

    Posted 10/20/13
  • So friggin scary. Loved it!

    Me and my husband went last night. Still freaked out thinking how scary it was. It was really creative and the best haunted house I ever went to. They definitely put a lot if time and effort into it and was definitely worth the money. They didn't rush people through and they even separated us! Ugh! Can't wait to go back!

    Posted 10/14/13
  • Super scary and professionally done. Well worth the $'s

    Hand's down the best haunted house I've been to. It had a ton of great effects and a lot of awesome scares. It wasn't just thrown together and there was a lot of attention to detail. The best part about it, is that it wasn't one of those quick two minute walk-throughs. It took me a good 15 mins to walk through, and my wife was closer to 20! It was well worth the money and every single person I talked to felt the same way. Staff was courteous and very professional and the actual actors all did a super job as well. Highly recommend....well worth the trip.

    Posted 10/14/13
  • Best Haunted House Ever!!!

    I'm sorry but whoever thinks this place isn't scary, is crazy!! This place was great. Lots of things I've never seen before. They make you crawl at some point and yes you do get separated. My girlfriend and I had a great time!

    Posted 10/13/13
  • SUCH A WASTE OF $20!

    If you are a true Halloween and horror lover like myself this place is a disgrace. I didn't jump once throughout the entire thing and it was over in less than 20 minutes. Definitely not worth $20.

    Posted 10/13/13
  • ahhhhhhh scary scary i almost begged for merci

    I mean you need to Enjoy it and try to set your mind to a state of reality and holly crap you will trust me will be scared and put it this way you can enter with only 2 ppl but you and you'll be ALONE At certain points!!!! Loved it!!! must must go and see oh and if you hate clowns don't don't don't Go In!!!!

    Posted 10/12/13
  • Scary as Hell!!!

    Scariest Haunted house I ever been too, and I am a avid fan of haunted attractions!! You will not be disappointed!!!

    Posted 10/10/13
  • Not a standard Haunted House

    I went this past weekend with my girlfriend. Although I don't get scared by these my girlfriend was terrified. And not too happy to be split apart at one point. Also Bane was a ton more creative with a few of the areas than I have seen at other haunted houses. I would def recommend putting this on your list of haunted attractions to see this year!!!

    Posted 10/10/13
  • I Freaked!

    I visited Bane last year and it is definitely different from other places I have been. The wait in line was long, but overall my friends and I had a great time and throughout the time inside my anxiety was on edge and my adrenaline was pumping. There are a few places inside that made me feel extremely claustrophobic and they play on people's fear of the dark (they split us up at one point) and they do a few things that other haunted houses that I have been to don't. I am definitely planning on returning this year with my boyfriend, who I actually met there last year =) We can't wait!

    Posted 10/8/13
  • So so

    It was ok. Not great not horrible. Not worth the admission price for the 8 minutes it took to go through

    Posted 10/7/13
  • Amazing!

    Best haunted house ive been to in NJ. It is a must see. Worth a trip to Rockaway. The themes were awesome never saw such crazy great ideas before. Def gave me a scare! Go see for yourself!

    Posted 10/7/13
  • amazing

    I have been to many many haunted houses and hayrides in the tri state area, Bane is by far the best and scariest ! it is really really hard to scare me, but even I freaked out !

    Posted 10/7/13
  • Theme is the sickest haunted house in New Jersey

    By far the sickest house staff is very nice if you haven't been the being better get there soon

    Posted 10/7/13
  • best house in NJ

    I travel to nearly every haunted house in New York, NJ, and PA. From Pennhurst Asylum toHeadless Horseman and more, I've seen my fair share of the best and worst haunted houses and hayrides around. I was always under the impression that I had to leave Jersey to experience a really good haunted house. For some reason, every haunted house I've been to in NJ seemed so limited by laws and township rules yet the second I'd go to PA or NY, the laws would be out the window. In short, Bane did not feel like an NJ haunt and I was incredibly impressed by what they were able to accomplish in the area they have. In all the other good haunts I visit annually, it's obvious that the owners poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars into these attractions, possibly evrn millions. With Bane you get the impression that they carefully crafted and created this place themselves. Thry avoided the typical animatronics and party store props and opted for things they took the time out to make. This made this house original, unique, and terrifying. A big plus was how they ran the house. I did not think much of it from the outside but the second I stepped indoors I became impressed. We were greeted by a wise cracking, very confident owner that was overly sure we would be blown away. Despite a large crowd waiting to enter, they sent in very small groups. This was awesome. I hate when you're sent into a haunted house with ten strangers and you never see anything. With Bane you get an intimate experience from beginning to end. I was sent with only my girlfriend and even then we were seperated constantly. In closing, it is my FAVORITE haunted house I've ever been to and I've seen a lot.

    Posted 10/6/13
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