Scary Rotten Farms

  • 151 Brick Blvd
  • Brick, NJ
  • (732) 477-0606
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Very Scary
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Not for under age 13, unless accompanied by an adult.
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Commercial / For Profit
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2013 Haunt of the Year Nominee
Scary Rotten Farms, A Haunted Experience in Central New Jersey, Featuring Two TERRIFYING HAUNTS! Sinister Sneed’s Chaotic Carnival of Chaos and THE FORBIDDEN : The Inbred & Nearly Dead!

Sinister Sneed’s Chaotic Carnival is a TwIsTeD Carnival where the many helpless souls find themselves enslaved by Sneed’s evil doing...Your Exit Is Not Guaranteed!

THE FORBIDDEN: The inbred and nearly dead is a wonderful camping experience set at Millers Mills Campground - except campers are disappearing and then being found skinned alive...Not for the faint hearted!

Both haunts are very SCARY and Not recommended for children under 13 unless accompanied by an adult. Email Haunt Owner
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Hours of Operation: Fri & Sat: 7:30 - 11pm Last ticket sold at 10pm Sun (OCT. 26 - 30 ) 7:30 - 10pm Last ticket sold at 9pm

Admission Costs: Each Attraction: $15.00 Combo (Both Haunts): $25.00

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Event last updated 14 days ago. Please confirm dates on haunt website before you go.
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  • Scared da BEJEBUS outta me!

    Scary yet terrifying! My girlfriend and I screamed at every turn.! Not to give anything away but there's some scary things down on the farm!! Both attractions are worth every penny. I know it'll only get better the closer to Halloween it gets! It's a good time! Bring the kids!

    Posted 10/22/14
  • A defininate must go back!!!!

    OMG!!!! The haunt was super scary!! I used to love clowns and now i cant even stand to look at them the same anymore. and better every year. This is the best in NJ im defanitly going back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 10/21/14
  • Scare out of my mind!!

    We were at the haunt with a bunch of friends, line was long, but the wait was worth it, from the moment that we went in we couldn't stop screaming, and yes, I almost peed my pants, the characters are impressive, totally recommend it. I can't wait to go back!!

    Posted 10/21/14
  • Great haunt !!!!!!!!

    Great haunt very scary my wife and I had a fun time,definitely worth it can"t wait to go back!!!!

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Holy scariness!!!

    Babysitter... Check Dinner with husband & friends...check Scary Rotten Farms.... OMG!!!!! Wished I would have gone to the bathroom like my husband suggested before we went in. Literally peed my pants! This was so scary! Seemed like there was something scary around every turn and even in between!!! Holy cow!! Line was long and it was crowded but now I know WHY!!! This is a must go!!!

    Posted 10/20/14
  • scary

    30 minutes was worth a trip !!! I was really impressed! every thing was so scary!!!!

    Posted 10/20/14
  • Sick Sick Sick

    Best SCARE in New Jersey !!!!! Sinister Sneed's Carnival was incredible.....I actually felt that I was in a creepy carnival ....insane the actors came from all directions....GREAT time !!!

    Posted 10/20/14
  • One of the craziest places I've been

    I would recommend this to anyone very well thought through and all the actors were right on key by scaring the crap right out of me !!!!!

    Posted 10/19/14
  • Worth the trip

    I drove 30 minutes and was very impressed with the actors and effort put into this haunt. The lines were a little long but I think that says a lot for the haunt. I am not a hayride person so I much prefer this style of walking through. Took us longer than 10 minutes for each haunt... maybe in the other reviews they ran. I just love this kind of stuff. Definitely not kiddish... more for over 12 years old. I would rate it a 4 1/2. The woods were scary but more effort is placed on the first haunt. I say GO to SCARY ROTTEN FARMS!!!!

    Posted 10/19/14
  • this was great.. don't miss out!

    This is an incredibly well done haunt. Between the actors, the props, the set up, the scares, screams, music, and vibe I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. So worth the reasonable price, very easy to locate. Everyone did such a great job I will definitely be back next year!

    Posted 10/19/14
  • over priced.

    I drove 45 min to this attraction and it was not worth it. The events were maybe 10 minutes long and not scary at all. This is good for teenagers i guess. Not too creative and definitely not worth the twenty-five dollars per person. A lot of time was spent waiting in line. So upsetting. Will not be returning.

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Not impressed!

    I went with a group of friends and we spent a lot of money for something that was not worth it at all. For both attractions it was 25$ per person. Considering each attraction lasted about 10 min I thought this price was unreasonable. We waited longer in line than the time we were actually inside. I don't think the layout was planned out well. The people who were suppose to scare you seemed repetitive and after 5 min I was actually bored. I've been to some amazing scare farms/ houses and sadly this one was very disappointing. Save your money and go somewhere worth it.

    Posted 10/18/14
  • Scary but short

    It was pretty good for the price. We went last night and drove 45 minutes to get here. The attractions themselves were done exceptionally and were very scary, and we go to many haunted houses. My only complaint is that it was pretty short; it only took us an hour to get through both and that includes waiting on line. The lines were about 20 minutes each. I do like how they spaced everyone out so your group was completely isolated. Overall come only if you live in the area, it's not worth a long drive.

    Posted 10/18/14
  • holy chitt!!!

    was really impressed on the time they took to make this haunted adventure creepy.very professional and will go again probably next was great.highly recommend this to anyone that will need a scare.if your constipated will scare the shit out of you.

    Posted 11/1/13
  • Very Professional, Scary and fun. Young adult - adult

    2 walkthroughs.. The wooded Millers Mill Camp.. it is Deliverance gone wrong. Great sets and actors very into their roles. Some good scares. The amusement park is killer clowns on the loose! The actors are so high energy and jumping out of everywhere. This takes the fear of clowns to a whole new level. Awesome sets with loud music. The insane asylum was my favorite. I got scared 2times! Awesome fun time! Suitable for young adults and older. Very professional and well done.

    Posted 10/31/13
  • Sneeds Carnavale

    So Freakin' Scary!!!! Got to go again!!!

    Posted 10/26/13
  • Rockin place to go

    The Brick Scary Rotten farms ROCK!! All Metal music soundtrack played great music great effects and freat characters. A must see for those looking for a loud fun scare!!

    Posted 10/16/13
  • Wanted to go last night but read on facebook you were closed.

    My kids had fun last year! Scary Rotten Farms is close to our home in Brick and my 10 and 12 year olds just love it. In fact we wish they offered season passes because they seem to want to go every weekend. I love most that it is not too expensive and there is hardly ever a line so wait times are minimal. Thanks for great family fun!!

    Posted 10/12/13
  • Watching my fiance have a meltdown priceless,but then karma..

    The two 45 min walk through attractions were unforgettable,and worth every penny. I love Hallowee,so I expected to enjoy the action/props only because I don't scare easily,but Scary Rotten Farms changed that! My fiance...well,he had a meltdown once we arrived. His tough guy exterior vaporized just looking at the entrance to Sinister Sneeds Carnaval because he hates clown! He took off at first,but went through bugging out which was priceless! Karma played a role going through The Asylum was intense! Hands down you feel as though you'll never make it out! It had me freaking out wondering when it will end! Once a little relief came it didn't last very long! There was another part where a girl was screaming for help because she was being dragged away, and we all said she looked just like the young girl that went ahead of us,which made it so real I froze I started to run back! There was so much more,that had us freaking out,so well done Scary Rotten Farms we'll be back!

    Posted 10/12/13
  • Brick is now the best place to go to get ready for Halloween!!

    Taking a bunch of 16 year old teens to go see Scary Rotten Farms was an experience in itself. And then to hear them talking non stop about how scared they were and all the "terrible" things that jumped out screamed at them and "it seemed so real" never did I think this Mom is now being asked if they could go again this weekend!!! Heard it was the big hit in the local high schools and "all the kids at school are talking about it" Guess I will be the parent to do the repeat this weekend.

    Posted 10/8/13
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